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Skilled Criminal Defense Attorney Protecting Your Rights Throughout The Defense Process

The criminal justice system exists to give those accused of crimes avenues to defend themselves against the allegations. It relies on due process. Unfortunately, it is not free from prejudice. That’s why at my firm, the Law Office of Nicolas C. Wilde LLC, I use my experience as a criminal defense attorney to advocate for you.

From being a former clerk to a U.S. District Court judge and an assistant federal public defender, I am currently a member of the Criminal Justice Act Panel for the U.S. District Court for the District of Utah. My name is Nick Wilde, and I have been helping people throughout the Ogden area fight against criminal charges for nearly a decade, offering services in both Spanish and English. You are innocent unless proven otherwise, and it is that presumption that fuels me to give you a thorough and aggressive defense.

Understanding The Criminal Charges Against You Is Critical

Criminal charges can ruin your life, career and reputation, no matter how minor or inconsequential they may appear. At the Law Office of Nicolas C. Wilde LLC, I stand ready to defend people facing charges for the following crimes:

  • Driving under the influence (DUI): A single drunk or drugged driving charge could cost you your license, and it can go on your criminal record permanently.
  • Federal crimes: If you are under investigation for crimes against the United States and its citizens, these are punishable by federal law.
  • Drug crimes: Serious crimes involving controlled substances can include anything from possession to drug trafficking, the latter of which is a federal offense.
  • Domestic violence: When someone in your own home accuses you of violence, it can be extremely serious. These are criminal allegations, and you should treat them as such.

My in-depth knowledge of criminal law has allowed me to help those already convicted of state crimes appeal the verdict to a higher court, and I am listed on Utah’s Appellate Roster for criminal appeals.

Each criminal case is unique, but the one thing they have in common is that working with a skilled criminal defense lawyer during a case provides an individual with the opportunity to prevent a conviction. With my experience, I can build a defense strategy by gathering the necessary evidence and examining the facts surrounding the case.

Hundreds Of People Have Relied On My Experience

People facing criminal charges have rights, including the right to a criminal defense attorney. You will need someone to protect you throughout the process and make sure that the prosecution adheres to the rule of law. You can call me at 801-528-1335 to discuss your case or contact my Ogden firm online. Yo hablo español. No dude en llamarme. Estoy aquí para servirle.