Victory of the People: A Criminal Defense and Plaintiff's Firm

A law firm with the pedigree and passion to fight for the underdog.

Nick has the knowledge and experience to be able to represent individuals against large, powerful, and well-resourced entities.

Civil Litigation

Have you entered into an agreement and the other party is not holding up their end of the bargain? Do not hesitate to call Nick. As a civil litigator at an Am-Law 200 firm, Nick represented clients embroiled in litigation for claims relating to breach of contract, unjust enrichment, and fraud. He regularly drafted and argued motions in state and federal courts in Utah--consistently achieving favorable results for his clients.

Criminal Law

Our criminal justice system is based on the adversarial model. This means it's you against the weight of the entire federal or state government. You need someone in your corner who is both willing and able to fight for your rights. Nick is both.

Nick has represented individuals accused of a variety of federal crimes including drug trafficking, bulk cash smuggling, illegal reentry, alien smuggling, and being a felon in possession of a firearm. He has also represented individuals whose supervised release is being revoked. If you're charged with a federal crime, you need someone familiar with the federal sentencing guidelines and the Categorical Approach. As an assistant federal public defender, Nick pioneered novel arguments relating to the Categorical Approach and helped his clients reduce their sentencing ranges through his argument. Nick also worked as a clerk to a federal judge in Utah, so he understands how the system works behind the scenes. If you're charged with a federal crime, do not hesitate to call him.

Civil Rights Litigation

If you or your family member has been mistreated by law enforcement, do not hesitate to give Nick a call.

Employment Litigation

Widespread economic inequality, stagnant real wages, and a shrinking middle class are the result of the concentration of wealth in the hands of a few. As employers' power grows, so too does their willingness to believe they are above the rules. They are not. If any of the following have happened to you, do not hesitate to give Nick a call: (1) you have suffered work place discrimination; (2) your employer has retaliated against you for exercising your legal rights; (3) you are a non-technical worker whose employer is trying to convince you that you are bound by a non-compete agreement; or (4) your employer has entered into an agreement with a competitor to not poach each other's employees. Nick has the pedigree and the passion to fight for the working class.